44.5% Efficient Solar Cells

There  are reports that scientists have developed a solar cell that is 44.5% efficient compared to the conventional solar cells. The most efficient solar cells in the market is monocrystalline solar cells at 20% maximum. Is this a game changer? how about cost of producing the cells? when should we expect it in the market?
Conventional Solar Cell
PVbuzz media reports that a researcher at Washington University have designed and built a solar cell that combines several single cells into one single cell with the capabilities of capturing all the energy in the spectrum. The new technology converts direct sunlight into Electricity at 44.5% with the potential of becoming the most efficient solar cell to this date.

They are also deemed cost effective. The technology uses concentrator photovoltaic( CPV) panels that utilise lenses to concentrate sunlight into tiny micro-scale solar cells thus solar cells with more sophisticated maetrials can be developed cost effectively because of the small size.

Read more on this development at PVbuzz magazine website.
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