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Monday, 17 July 2017

Inflation Charge On Your Bills Raised To The Highest In History.

Did you know that the overall inflation rates directly impacts on your electrical energy bills? Kenya`s inflation rate stands at 10%, highest in five, and it was only a matter of time before the same could be be reflected on your bills. The inflation charge has been increased by 8.3% to Kshs 0.39 per killoWatt hour(kWH) of power consumption in July from Kshs 0.36 the previous month. As reported by Business Daily, this is a record high from the lowest in February at Kshs 0.05.

The monthly bills are usually loaded with fuel levy fees which has been retained at Kshs 2.85. This is usually the cost incurred by the utility company whenever diesel generators are used to generate power into the grid. Another component of the Bills is the Forex levy which is linked to foreign currency expenses has dropped by Kshs 0.03 to Kshs 1.05 from Kshs 1.08 the previous months.

Despite the drop in price of the two components, this is not reflective on the overall bills incurred by consumers due to the increase in inflation charges.

Did you know that Electricity prices have a direct bearing on cost of living? Well, the reason for this is that homes and businesses rely on power for most, if not all, of their operations
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