Integrated Solar Street Light vs Split Solar Street Light

We have designed and supervised installation of solar powered street lights on car parks, walkways hence enabling our clients to rip the many benefits provided for by mother nature. Including cost saving, environment friendly, among many benefits of solar street light. We always present to our clients two types of solar street lights; Integrated(All-in-one) Solar street lights and the Split type solar power systems. Which one is superior to the other?
Integrated Solar Streetlight
How do they compare?

  • The split type solar street light uses Lead Acid batteries while the integrated solar street light uses Lithium ion batteries. Most of the time Lithium ion batteries are superior  in that they have longer lifespan, higher efficiency in charge and discharge and has a charging depth protection hence even longer life in addition to lithium ion batteries being environment friendly.
  • The split type are relatively expensive compared to the all in one street light. This is because in most cases the components of split type are priced separately while the integrated one is just one time. The prices of integrated street lights have also been steadily dropping over time.
  • Installation of integrated streetlights takes shorter time compared to the split type. It takes roughly two hours to install just one of them. On the other hand, the all in one solar street light being one component takes minutes to install.
  • The all in one solar streetlight are not very flexible when it comes to directional angle. The solar panel being fixed together with the lighting fixture thus they cannot be adjusted for maximum use of sunshine. This is a possibility with the split type of solar streetlight.
Split Solar Street Light In Use
  • In terms of maintenance, it is easier to maintain the integrated solar street light compared to the split type. In case of warranty, it is easier to carry the integrated solar street light to manufacturer compared to the split type where it would even be difficult to identify which part of the system has a problem.
  • The split solar street light have a bigger solar panels and one can  use any size desired thus more power can be stored from sunshine. The size of the panel in the all in one street light is limited to the size of the lighting fixture
Relemech Services LTD would at all times recommend the integrated solar street light. They are efficient, easy to install, little or no maintenance, cheaper and a longer life. Call us on +25478012255 and email us: for a design of solar street light that would suit your unique needs.
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