Kerosene, Fuel Prices Increased

Kerosene is still a major part of most folks in Kenya with as many applications. Well, if that is the case then they might need to allocate a few more Kenyan shillings  to their budget for the Kerosene. Kerosene prices have gone up by Kshs. 0.94 to Kshs. 64.36. This is a a result of the monthly review of fuel prices by ERC.
Fuel Attendant At Work
In addition, petrol prices have also been increased in which Nairobi residents will buy a litre of petrol at Kshs. 98.30 up from Ksh. 96. 08 while diesel have also gone up by a shilling to Kshs. 86.86. This is attributed to higher global oil prices.

Business Daily reports that this was set to go higher as a result of some compensation the government was to pay to the oil marketers but this has been delayed as a result of the high global oil prices. The compensation is set to cover the marketers for paying additional road maintenance levy to the government but this was not passed onto the consumers.

How will this affect the inflation rates?
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