Spain To Pick A New Firm To Complete Power Line

Kenya Power were set to be losing overly Kshs. 700 million per month for failure to connect the Turkana wind farm to the grid as the power line from the farm was yet to be completed . This was to caution the investors in the project for losses incurred as a result of lack of consumers for the produced power. This might change soon as the Kenyan government has asked their Spanish counterparts to pick up a new firm to oversee completion of the project. This was after the government cancelled the contract awarded to a Spanish contractor who was unable to meet their end of the contract.
Kenya Power Technicians At Work
The project is funded by the Spanish government and as such mandated to pick up a new contractor to complete the project. Isolux, whose contract was terminated, filed for bankruptcy earlier on in July. At the same, the company is in court over termination of the contract. They had only done 70% of the work by the time the contract was terminated in August. The contract was awarded in 2011 and was to be fulfilled by 2013.

The line once complete will evacuate over 300MW of power from the farm into the grid. The way forward may be found by as early as this coming Monday. 
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