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Handling your batteries, solar or back-up, properly would mean your batteries will perform optimally and you will avoid or prevent as many battery related accidents. Handling your batteries properly also means that they will have a prolonged life and decrease the lifetime costs of your solar power systems. If not handled properly your batteries will be out within weeks leaving you without power and need for more investments on your solar power systems.

Battery In Use
As much as performance depends on amyriad of factors such as operating temeratures and depth of discharge(DOD), sulfation is the most common problem with batteries. Sulfation is the process by which sulfur crystals form around your battery`s lead plates especially when your batteries has low charge or low electrolyte levels. It is important to constantly check these two factors especially in flooded batteries. The following are some of the ways with which you maximise on the performance of your solar batteries:-

(a) Check fluid levels( Flooded Batteries)

This should be done periodically to ensure that your battery`s fluid level are to the recommendaed levels and in most batteries in line with the `fill line'. Always top up your battery cells with distilled water to ensure that no metallic part of your battery cells is visible.

(b) Prevent Discharging Your Batteries More Than 50%

 Discharging your batteries to lower levels greatly reduces their life. You should monitor the status of charge in your batteries using a battery monitor. Employ the use of inverters that shut down when the battery charge is low to a certain level. In addition, ensure that your battery to 100% at least once a week. This is to prevent Sulfation and extend the life of your battery bank.

(c) Keep Your Battery Terminals Clean

This is to prevent corrosion which leads to resistance in your battery bank reducing even flow of electrons in your battery. This also leads to your batteries charging unvenly greatly reducing their lifespan.

These are just but a few ways with which you can improve the lifespan of your batteries. Most batteries are specific to type and make on how to properly utilise them. The most important thing is to engage the services of a professional during installation and properly understand the instructions that come with that particular battery.

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