Hosting some guests a few weeks ago , there was a suggestion that a wall unit would suit me. Well, I just noded and moved along to other matters. Now, my Television set is old school meaning it has a lot of luggage behind the screen translating to quite some weight. You can imagine the TV coming down from the wall unit to someone`s toes on the floor. I can assure you, one or two toes will be crushed to `death' if not the whole leg. furthermore, I am more comfortable with my television set at a level of 800mm from the floor level. Anyway, at what height are you comfortable watching your televsion?

A Familiar look, yeah?
How High Should You Mount Your TV?

Architects and interior designers can never miss the element of television sets in the designs. Most people would consider the fire place and furniture layout in positioning and mounting the television sets. There are a number factors to be considered before you mount your television sets including size of the TV,  eye level height from the floor, viewing distance from the TV and reclining sitting angle.

(a) Viewing Distance From The TV
This is the distance from where you will be seated to the wall you TV will be mounted at. The optimum viewing distance very much depend on the size of your TV and is achieved using the following formula.

                        = TVS/0.55

For example, if you have a TV size of 55 inches then your optimal viewing distance will be
: 55/0.55 thus 100 inches( 2.5 Metres) as your viewing distance.

(b) TV Mounting Height

Before you calculate the height at which to mount your TV you would need to measure your Eye level height which is measured from the floor while seated in your favorite couch or chair. Your TV mounting height is calculated using the following formula:

                                   = ELH  +  (VD*0.22)

For example in (a) our VD is 100 Inches(2.5 metres) and let us assume your ELH is 40 INCHES so our TV mounting height is :
                                   = 40 + (100*0.22)
                                   =  62 inches to the mid point of the tv.

The mounting height  of the TV is usually given by a particular manufacturer.  The most important factor to consider or as a rule of thumb when mounting your television is that the mid point of the tv should be level with your eyes while seated.

If the math is too long for you then always make sure your TV is mounted at between 42 inches and 56 inches. You can be assured of  some comfort.

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