Higher Electricity Bills - Go Through This

It is all over the news that Kenyans should brace themselves for higher Electricity bills. There is an element of your Electricity Bills Kenya Power calls Fuel levy. Basically, this is a charge on your monthly bills depending on how much power was generated into the grid using diesel generators. The higher bills means you need to check and greatly reduce on your power consumption so as not to exceed your `standard' monthly bills if not reduce on it.

We share with you steps to follow with which you can reduce on your power consumption:

1. Know your current power consumption.

Do a load calculation done by identifying  all your Electrical equipment and appliances in your house and establishing your total power consumption per day and by extension per month

2. Classify your Appliances

Each and everyone of us is aware of the appliances we can do without and those that are dear to us. After listing all your appliances during load calculation, you should be able to know which appliances are to be kept out of your system and which ones are to be retained. Discard those you do not need.

3. Change Your Bulb To LED

LED lamps use 75% less energy for the same light output as an incandescent bulbs. They are not only energy efficient but they last longer and do not contain any form of mercury.

4. Unplug idle Electronics

Some Electronic devices such television sets, microwaves are known to use stand by power even when not in use. Mobile phone battery chargers are known to consume small amounts of power even when not in use. As such all power outlest should be properly switched or such appliances unplugged when not in use.

5. Use Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

With these you are sure that no external lights are accidentally switched on during the day. The solar lights soak up the solar energy and automatically switches on when the daylight goes off.

5. Employ Automatic Light Switching.

You are likely to leave your external lights on during the day if you rely on manual switching. Get a Electrician to install motion sensors, photocells or timers. That way, your external lights turn on and off  as set. Motion sensors can also be applied in rooms that are not utilised for longer hours.

6. Turn Off The Lights When Not In Use.

This is the simplest method with which to check on your bills but it is also the most overlooked.  What you may never realise that lighting constitute a very big part of your monthly Electricity Bills.

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