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It is a new year and that comes with a few changes into our lives. You have thought of adding or removing one or two Electrical equipment into and/ or out of your home Electrical systems. Well, you should not just add or remove equipment and installations from your Electrical system without assessing and understanding the capacity of your system. This calls for load calculation and knowledge of power usage of your installations. How should you go about this?
Electrical load calculations helps in identifying and controlling large areas of power consumption. This also helps you out in pointing out areas of modification needed by your power system.

The following are steps to follow in calculating total load usage in your home:

1. Identify all Electrical Equipment in your House
List all your Electrical installations on a piece of paper without leaving any out. This is to include even those appliances that are rarely used.

2. Identify Power Rating Of Each Equipment
This can be found on the appliances nameplate. It is usually in watts and some are rated in amps for which you will have to convert to watts

3. Estimate For Number Of Hours For Each Appliances

Electrical load for a house translates to total power consumed per day. To get this, you must estimate for how many hours each appliances is used per day. 

3. Get Total Load Consumption.

You should multiply each appliances ratings with the number of hours they would be in use per day to get the total load consumption per day. Add up all the totals to get your total power consumption per day.

The same should be done with the new equipment you intend to add into the system. 

After these calculations, you will be able to identify which appliances are rarely used and therefore can be done away with to allow for new equipment into the system. 

In addition, you will also be to determine how much of power is free for use and if it is able to supply the new equipment you wish to add into the system.

It is easy, right? However, we would recommend employing the use of a proffesional  in all these exercises. It is also the only way to be as accurate.
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