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Types Of Toilet Flush Valves

The toilet flush valve sends water out of the toilet tank or cistern or directly from the building water supply without a toilet tank or cistern into the toilet bowl below to flush waste into the building drain system.Toilet flush valves come in different sizes depending on the manufacturing of the toilet. If you are thinking of buying a new toilet pay attention to which type of flush valve the toilet has because in most cases larger toilet flush valves are faster at moving the water resulting in a better flush and when changing the flush valve in an existing toilet make sure you get a flush valve that will work for that particular toilet because you usually have to stick to the size that is in there already.

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Types Of Flush Valves

Flapper type toilet flush valve: is a toilet flush valve that closes the opening at the bottom of the toilet tank using a semi-round flapper (usually rubber) rather than the rounded tank ball.
Like the toilet tank ball type flush valve, the flapper valve is pulled up to open the toilet reservoir tank drain opening to send flush water down into the toilet.
Flapper type Flush Valve

The shape and position of the flapper cause it to remain in the open position until the water level in the toilet tank drops to nearly empty, then the flapper "flaps" down over the drain opening to stop the toilet flush cycle and to permit the toilet fill cycle to begin anew.

Tank ball type flush valve:
In a traditional side float flush valve assembly the toilet is flushed by pressing on a handle outside the toilet tank that lifts a trip lever that pulls a chain or rod that lifts a tank ball or a tank flapper that otherwise seals the bottom of the toilet tank.When a tank toilet is flushed, the trip lever opens the flush valve. Water enters the bowl, forcing waste through the waste piping. As the float ball drops with the tank's water level, the float rod opens a water valve and water enters the tank.also control the water moving from the tank to the bowl, but they are not flappers. Tank balls were used on older toilets before the newer flapper technology was introduced to the plumbing industry.
When a toilet is flushed the trip lever is "tripped" pulling the upper lift wire upward which, in turn, lifts the lower lift rod attached to the tank ball. Gravity takes over and water rushes out and down through the flush valve at the bottom of the tank and into the waterways of the bowl. Most of the water is forced into the rim of the bowl which causes the inside of the bowl to be rinsed while this added water forces any waste in the bowl to be pushed out though the trap and into the drain line. Some bowls are designed so some of the water in the tank is diverted into the bowl through a tunnel type passage which when added to the rim rinse, helps to push waste out of the trap more effectively.

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