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Florence Parpart - Modern Refrigerator Inventor

As you pick out that cold water bottle or your favorite drink and take a sip of of it and feel cooled or relaxed. do you ever wonder who came up with a such a brilliant idea? How would life be without the modern refrigerator? Probably you would go back to ice boxes?

Wooden Ice box
Modern Refrigerator

In 1914, Parpart won a second patent for the modern refrigerator, rendering the icebox obsolete for those with access to electricity. Many believe that Parpart’s then fiancĂ©e was highly skilled in electrical circuitry and assisted in the design of the first prototype. 

Florence Parpar
Already an experienced entrepreneur, Parpart was highly successful in marketing and selling her refrigerators. She attended multiple trade shows, developed her own advertising campaigns and managed the production operations, alongside her husband, of additional refrigerators. Parpart was a true female entrepreneur and gifted inventor.

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