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What Is Lighting Pollution?

There is a story about a town that there was a day without  Electricity at night and the residence noticed some bright strange patterns in the sky, They dialed 911 and reported the `UFO' to the police. On arrival, the police never saw the `UFO' but a bright sky dotted with various patterns of the milky way. Apparently, the residence had mistaken the milky way with a `UFO'. This is as a a result of excessive use of external artificial lighting. Many years back you would enjoy a spectacular view of the starry sky. Well, That is no more because of Light pollution.

That Is Too Much Lighting, yeah?
What is Light Pollution?

Light pollution can simply be defined as excessive and inappropriate artificial light. Too much of light pollution washes out view of the Universe, result in increase in the energy consumption, interferes with astronomical research, disrupts ecosystems, affects the health and safety of humans and wildlife to mention but a few effects of Lighting pollution.

What Are Sources And Types Of Light Pollution?

1. Urban Sky Glow 

This is the "glow" effect that can be seen over distant populated areas or simply the brightening of the night sky over inhabited areas. This caused by escaped light from reflections of what is being illuminated, misdirected light from a particular area and when it is scattered by dust and gas molecules, creating a dome-like orange glow that covers the night sky. The glow reduces the contrast between the stars and the galaxies in the sky, making celestial objects difficult to see even with a telescope.

2. Light Trespass.

One or two of you have missed a good night sleep beacuse of very bright light from wherever, street light may be, was illuminating directly into your bedrooms. That was a goo illustration of Light trespass which means light falling where it is needed, intended to or wanted. Spill light is the most subjective form of light pollution because there are no guidelines to determine when, where, or how much light is unwanted. A common example of spill light is light from a streetlight coming through a window and illuminating a bedroom or light from a neighbor's floodlight or security light shining over the fence and illuminating your property.

3. Glare

The light sensation produced by luminance within the visual field that is sufficiently greater than the luminance to which the eyes are adapted to creating an unnerving, oppressive, annoying, discomforting feeling that can cause a loss in our visual performance, visibility and can be dangerous. This doesn’t interfere with night vision, but makes it difficult to identify and place objects.

4. Light Clutter

This refers to excessive grouping of bright lights causing confusion and distract from oncoming or surrounding objects a common occurrence in urban areas. This contributes to glare, sky glow and even light trespass. 

How do you prevent Light pollution? We tackle this in our next article. Stay tuned and remember to Read, Learn And Share.

An effective Lighting system , according to Us. means putting and installing lighting in places where it is needed and eliminating the same in unwanted spaces. This entails putting into consideration the impacts or the effects of your lighting system would have on the environment and the  other user. This can only be achieved by engaging the services of qualified personnel. Why don`t you give us  a try?

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