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Moi Girls - Seven Students Burn`t to Death As Several Injured

A fire broke out earlier on today at 2.00am burning down a dormitory leading to the death of seven students with ten getting fire injuries. The schools have been closed for two weeks for investigations and for the cause of the tragedy to be established.

The Dormitory
More fire tragedies are usually not as a result of the occurrence of the fire but the steps taken after a fire is spotted. In case of fire in a public space, the following are steps to take to avoid injuries and worst in case scenarios death;

  • Immediately pull the nearest fire alarm pull station or break glass of the nearest fire call point. This is to trigger the fire alarm and notify everyone that fire has occurred. Shouting and reaching to as much people as you can will also spread the news that fire has occurred.
  • When getting out of a space with fire, make sure to feel the doors for heat or look out for fire signs from the other side  to prevent getting into a fire in the case of jumping into a fire from a frying pan.
  • If their is smoke in the air, make sure to stay low on the ground to prevent inhalation of the smoke. You should also stay close to the wall to prevent being disoriented and crawl to the nearest fire exit.
  • After you get to safety report the fire incidence to the concerned authorities for action. You can also look around for missing persons and ensure that everyone is safe. You can also call the following numbers to inform the authorities of fire.
  1. Police - 122, 0202400000
  2. Fire Services/Ambulance - 999, 020-2222181 / 020-2222182 / 020-2344599
  3. Red cross - 1199, 0700395395, 0738395395
  • Go to your refuge area or fire assembly point and wait for further instructions from the fire personnel 
Fire tragedies can be prevented by having the fire alarm systems tested and proven to be working. There are also fire suppression systems that should be installed in a building to ensure that in case of fire, the spread and damage can be minimal.

To this point, Relemech Services Limited  prays that God may grant the students and their families strength and peace during these difficult times.   

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