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TV, Radio signals up for Review.

The communications Authority of Kenya are set to review the monthly signal distribution paid by broadcasters for the first time since January 2008.

The review is set to put into consideration the latest market development including efficiency due to technological improvements 

In addition, the regulator disclosed that the deadline exercise will look to asses competition in the sector, review pricing and access framework applicable to everyone.

The authority intended to observe the market performance by keeping the pricing constant. This would inform the authority of future reviews. In a review done in 2016 the rates were lowered by 29% in Nairobi and environs while the rest of the country the rates went down by over 60%

The Authority notes that technological improvements could have greatly lower the signals distribution costs hence the need to pass down the benefits to broadcasters. This, in turn, improve on competition and boost the quality of broadcasting to your devices.

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