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Own a Bedsitter With Just Kshs. 3,000/-

In a mortgage payment scheme announce by President Ruto, Kenyans will be able to own homes through the Mukuru housing scheme. During the launch, he noted that over 200,000 units will be constructed across the country in the coming five years.

Newly Constructed Apartments

He intimated that the allocations will prioritise those living in deplorable conditions and with Mukuru holding over 110,000/- households, they will be the first beneficiaries. The housing project will include bedsitters one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. 

The bedsitters will attract a monthly payment of Kshs. 3000/-, one bedroom Kshs. 5,000/- and the two bedroom will attract Kshs. 6,500/- . The residential development will be complete with schools, play grounds, health centres, markets and all the neccessary amenities. In next in line for a simila project launch is Kibera constituency.

The housing units will be managed by the newly established Kenya Mortgage refinancing company.

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