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Read Your Own Kenya Power Meter

The Sole utility power company in Kenya, Kenya Power, to increase the number of customers who do self reading of their meters from 145,000 to 200,000 in th current financial year.
The sled reading service introduced last year requires you to dial *977# , register afterwhich you will be able to read your meters. 

In a statement by the Acting CEO, he intimated that this is meant that this is meant to address various emerging issues including;
Eliminate bill estimation hence more accurate readings which will in turn lead to customer satisfaction.

In addition to self reading of meters, customers can use the platform to report outages for quicker response. Prepaid customers can also purchase and retrieve the most recently bought tokens. Customers are also able to aunthenticate any person presenting themselves as Kenya Power staff.

The platform has registered over 1.6 million users and Kenya Power is targeting to push the number to an average of 2 million.

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