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Uniwave 200 - Zero emission Electricity From Ocean waves

In as many years, mankinds have been on a quest to rid off of our beautiful planet carbon emitting energy sources. As such, a new invention has proven Electricity production with Zero emission; The Uniwave 200.
The sea wave energy generator is a floatation device that uses an artificial blow hole formation that creates air pressure changes that drives turbines producing Electrical energy that is then transmitted back to the mainland via the grid network.

This is a portable device that can be towed to any sea and/ or ocean with waves. The waves are forced into a special concrete chamber to pressurize the air within and then forced out via a valve. When the ocean wave recedes, it creates a powerful vacuum that sucks air in via the turbines at the top. The turbines are run this creating energy that is then transmitted into the grid system.

A 200kW system was installed on the sea of Bass strait on Kings Island in Australia and it has shown tremendous performance over the past year producing reliable clean energy throughout the year.

Is this our breakthrough on matters clean energy?

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