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You Will Lose Your Kenya Power Meter

Is your Kenya power meter actively in use? Well, if not, then you risk losing it. Kenya Power has launched a meter repossession campaigns that will see meters that have not been in use for six months repossessed back to the company

Kenya Power is facing shortage of meters due to tender wars which has delayed procurement of new ones. This will see landlords and property owners lose their meters and/ or power connections. You will be able to make a reapplication should you need power but you will incur the reconnection costs. 

The company is currently battling a court case following a suit filed by local firms who were protesting tough terms that were set for procurement of Meters. The local firms argued that the stringent rules favoured foreign firms over the local counterparts with regards to supply of meters. Kenya powers says that the rules meant to ensure that they were procuring meters of high quality only.

There is also a shortage of transformers for the same reasons. However, the company got a reprieve got areprieve from the court of appeal hence the purchase of the transformers will go on.

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